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FB Income Fund

FB Income Fund E osak

Bloomberg:FBINCFE ET



Investment Objective


The Fund’s investment objective is to offer investors stable and predictable returns at above deposit and inflation rates (between 4.5% and 10.5% p. a.) over three to seven years. Ideal for those targeting moderately conservative risk levels.



The Fund’s Strategy


Maintain exposure to corporate debt (bonds) at no less than 60%. Like with most investments, these investments can sometimes go bad. We do not guarantee that our strategy’s objectives will be achieved. These objectives cannot be viewed as either a promise or a guarantee of success.



Risk management


Driven by rigorous risk control procedures including:

  • strict issuer selection criteria;
  • clear and transparent business requirements;
  • requirements for the issuer to have a stable and transparent cash flow adequate to service its corporate debt; 
  • control over decision-making through the company’s BoD or Management Board; 
  • in-depth credit analysis; 
  • monthly monitoring of the issuer’s financial performance.


The Fund’s Highlights


Markets: Europe, United States


≥ 4% coupon and ≥ 1-year corporate bonds

Currency: USD (ISIN EE3500110210), EUR (ISIN EE3500110202)
AUM:EUR 7,700,000
Unit cost: EUR 1,000 (or USD 1,000 depending on the currency invested)
Minimum investment: 

EUR 100,000 (or USD 100,000 depending on the currency


Investment term: three years and above
Asset mix:  

at least 60% in financial instruments

Risks: VaR (Value at Risk) of < 5% for 20-day holding period at 99% confidence level
Dividends: Not applicable
Management fee:

- 0.95% p. a. of the portfolio’s value

Investor costs:

- issue fee 0.5% (the unit issue fee is determined as a percentage of the market value of the units being purchased)

- exit fee 1.0% or 1.75% within the first year (the unit exit fee is determined as a percentage of the market value of the units being sold)

Custodian: Swedbank
Reporting period: Month



Total Returns


FB Income Fund
















When the materials provided by AS FB Asset Management use figures to describe average returns on investment or changes from such average returns, the relevant indicators are only probabilistic forecasts based on historical performance. AS FB Asset Management does not guarantee a return on investment as it fully depends on the stock market performance. Investors will always decide for themselves whether to take all associated potential investment risks. Risk taking is the cost incurred by the investor for sharing in the returns. (risk overview).