It is thrifty to prepare today
for the wants of tomorrow.Aesop, VI century BC


FB Opportunity Fund Historical Performance

Neither the fund’s historical returns, nor its performance to date should be viewed as a promise of future returns or can be relied upon as a benchmark of the fund’s future performance or achievement of its targets.


The Fund is focused on generating maximum returns through complex trading strategies which often include leverage, short-selling and derivatives trading. The Fund invests at least 80% of its assets in the US stock market derivatives. The core trading instruments are options on indices and US Treasuries.


The Fund’s investment objective is to offer investors a higher level of ROI, well above deposit and inflation rates over three to seven years. Designed for investors with higher risk appetite levels.



Total Returns


1 day0.0450%
1 month


1 year19.9850%
Year to date2.9820%
Since inception50.3320%

Unit Value


Unit NAV 1391.4676 €
Buying price1391.4676 €
Selling price1391.4676 €
Sharpe ratio4.1100
Standard deviation1.1590




Management fee 

Issue fee-
Redemption fee-

Performance fee

The Success Fee rate shall be 30% of the Net Unit Value growth above its historical high at the month end




Management companyFB Asset Management AS 
ISIN EE3500110236