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FB Opportunity Fund

FB Opportunity Fund

Bloomberg:FBOPPOR ET



Investment Objective


The Fund’s investment objective is to offer investors a higher level of ROI, well above deposit and inflation rates over three to seven years. Designed for investors with higher risk appetite levels.

Relying on tailored investment strategies, the Fund is capable of generating returns in the rising as well as in the falling market.

Adding FB Opportunity Fund to your investment portfolio will provide for diversification that cannot be achieved through traditional investments.

The Fund is a no-load fund (no entrance or exit fee is charged).



The Fund’s Strategy


The Fund is focused on generating maximum returns through complex trading strategies which often include leverage, short-selling and derivatives trading.

The Fund invests at least 80% of its assets in the US stock market derivatives. The core trading instruments are options on indices and US Treasuries.

To view the trading history under this strategy, click here. For current and historical data on FB Opportunity Fund’s net asset value, click here.


Like with most investments, these investments can sometimes show negative growth. We do not guarantee that our strategy’s objectives will be achieved. These objectives cannot be viewed as either a promise or a guarantee of success.



Risk management


Risk management is based on rigid rules approved by the Company, including:

  • trading instrument selection criteria;
  • risk level selection criteria;
  • probabilistic asset performance models that factor in expected volatility;
  • control of VaR (Value at Risk) performance.


The Fund’s Highlights


Markets: United States


derivatives, including options on indices and bonds

Currency: EUR
AUM:EUR 3,050,000
Unit cost: EUR 1,000
Minimum investment: 

EUR 100,000

Investment term: recommended term – three years and above
Asset mix:  

at least 60% in financial instruments

Risks: above average
Dividends: not applicable
Administrative expenses:– success fee of 30% of profits
Investor costs:

– 0% entry fee;

– 0% exit fee

Reporting period: monthly



Total Returns





FB Opportunity Fund








When the materials provided by AS FB Asset Management use figures to describe average returns on investment or changes from such average returns, the relevant indicators are only probabilistic forecasts based on historical performance. AS FB Asset Management does not guarantee a return on investment as it fully depends on the stock market performance. Investors will always decide for themselves whether to take all associated potential investment risks. Risk taking is the cost incurred by the investor for sharing in the returns.