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How to buy fund units

Please kindly note that only investors fulfilling the conditions provided in the fund rules are eligible.

Please kindly contact FB Asset Management AS regarding conditions:


Tel: +372 881 0300

In order to subscribe an investor should ask its custodian bank if it accepts orders to subscribe Estonian fund units.

If investor's custodian bank does not have a securities account where it can safe-keep Estonian fund units then it's possible to open one at Swedbank Estonia.

To set up an account at Swedbank, please contact Swedbank AS in Estonia and fill in an application form (provided by Swedbank).

Swedbank contact information:

E-mail:  and  (send to both)

Regular mail: Swedbank AS, Att. Fund Services / Transfer Agency

Liivalaia 8, 15040, Tallinn, Estonia

Account will be opened within 24h after receiving documents.

In case of subscription the investor:

1. Sends order form to fund management company by e-mail or fax (original form by regular mail);

2. Receives confirmation;

3. Ttransfers money to the appropriate fund`s cash account;

4. On settlement date the fund units settle to the account.

NB! Please note that account has to be opened before submitting order.

Payment instructions:

Beneficiary`s name: FB Income Fund



Subscription account:

EE842200221060725971 (EUR) - for FB Income Fund class E (ISIN EE3500110202);

EE792200221060730814 (USD) - for FB Income fund class S (ISIN EE3500110210).

FB Asset Management will confirm receiving the order and inform about the next trade date. Subscriptions are being made on a weekly basis (every Monday).

Cut off time is Monday 12:00 Estonian time (+2 CET).

Subscriptions are settled on Tuesdays (T+1).

For any further questions please contact FB Asset Management:


Tel: +372 881 0300