It is thrifty to prepare today
for the wants of tomorrow.Aesop, VI century BC

About us

Modern investment management

Times change, and everyone striving for success must keep up. Welcome to FB Asset Management, a modern fund and asset management company.


The investment solutions used by our funds and strategies focus on producing stable, sustainable returns. FBAM invests its own capital alongside that of its clients ensuring that our interests are aligned.


How We Work

  • We always act for the benefit of our customers in a reliable and sustainable manner
  • We offer comprehensive and advanced solutions aimed to achieve sustainable long-term success and mitigate unpredictable risk
  • We leverage our financial expertise to reveal investment opportunities for our customers in any market situation
  • We design our financial strategy to enable risk control and management
  • We avoid risks that could potentially damage our reputation or that of our customers. This applies to both the Company and the each member of our team
  • We build trust that spans generations
  • Our business is regulated by the European legislation ensuring appropriate safety and protection of our customers 


Core Business Principles

  • Objective asset management procedures
  • Strict risk management controls
  • Stable returns



Our Approach


Our proprietary software solutions and key investment models are tailored by our experts to test and employ our strategies taking into account multiple probability levels, risks, market conditions so that we can avoid negative surprises.


Our Strategies

Our strategies can generate positive returns both in rising and falling stock markets. Each of our stock market strategies is designed to offer customers returns above the bank deposit rates with increased stability over a long investment period while ensuring efficient risk management.



Our Mission


Our mission is to offer our customers secure investment products and services that help them achieve their long-term objectives.


Our Business Ethics

We adhere to the highest business ethics and responsibility standards in everything we do. We are committed to our customers and put their interests first as we tend to invest a major part of our own capital funds alongside our customers’ money. We offer products and services that help our customers build a better financial future.