It is thrifty to prepare today
for the wants of tomorrow.Aesop, VI century BC

About us

Our Values

Building Trust

  • We invest our own capital funds alongside our customers’ money on the same terms and conditions.
  • Our strategies and principles are transparent and clear.
  • We maintain a high level of security to protect your assets and confidential information.
  • We offer high standards of service to our customers while constantly evolving and embracing new financial challenges.


Innovative Technology

Our investment models are tailored by maths and IT professionals to process millions of transactions in a split second, as well as test strategies at a given probability level and manage risks. We are passionate about efficiency. We enjoy our work and focus on providing sustainable and efficient innovations. We are innovators. We are proud of our history of innovation. Our track record of implementing innovative and proven strategies in our business underpins our success.



Reliable Returns

Each of our stock market strategies is designed to offer customers returns above the bank deposit rates over a long investment period while ensuring moderate risk levels, regardless of trends in traditional (equity and bond) markets. Consequently, our strategies are typically market neutral. We always rely on mathematical asset performance models that factor in expected volatility and probability.


Historical returns generated by the FB Opportunity Strategy range from 16% and 25% a year (20–25% with compounding).


Our Fixed Income Strategy has generated historical returns ranging between 4.5% and 10.5% a year.


Risk management


Controlling risks is the key to accumulating positive returns over time. We manage strategic investment risk using a volatility-based VaR (Value at Risk) metric to prevent the portfolio value from dropping by more than 5% over a twenty day period (with a 99% probability). This gives us a smoother return curve with a higher Sharpe ratio.

Including our funds in a balanced investment portfolio will reduce the portfolio risk and the volatility of the total investment portfolio while increasing the rate of return.