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Investment philosophy


In the long run methods of active investment management allow our funds to exceed leading market indices, regardless of the current market situation. These methods are based on our own investment models, developed with the help of professional mathematicians and programmers, and allow calculating strategies and managing risks with a given probability.


We use two actively managed option strategies in the fund: gamma neutral and delta neutral. These strategies are capable of generating positive returns in both rising and falling or stagnating stock markets. The goal of each strategy is to offer investors with a manageable risk a higher profitability compared to bank deposits and a more stable profitability over a long investment period.

Risk management

Disciplined risk assessment and risk management are deeply integrated components of the investment process in each of our strategies. The main goal of risk management is the most efficient use of capital and obtaining maximum income, increasing the stability of the growth of the fund's assets, and reducing the likelihood of losses for the investor.

FB Opportunity Fund

The fund is intended for professional high-risk investors.

This is an actively managed fund.

The derivative instruments invested by the fund are based on the underlying assets of raw materials, and the investment strategy does not allow focusing on environmentally sustainable underlying assets, as these underlying assets are not traded on stock exchanges. For the above reason, the Fund does not take into account the main negative impact of investment decisions on sustainability factors.

The purpose of the fund is capital appreciation. Since the inception of the fund, the average annual yield has been 14-17%.

The fund invests at least 60% of its assets in derivative instruments in the US stock market.
The fund is a liquid instrument, since the investor has the right to enter the fund and withdraw from the fund once a month.

The fund uses a hedge fund strategy and is able to make a profit in both the growing and the falling stock market.

FB Opportunity Fund return in 2021 is 23,228%.

FB Opportunity Fund return in 2022 is 13,666%.

FB Opportunity Fund return in 2023 is 16.831%.

Fund performance since the beginning of 2024 is 4.092%.

The rate of return achieved by the fund in past periods does not guarantee the rate of return of the fund in future periods.


FB Asset Management AS is a management company licensed by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority. We professionally manage assets and our own funds. In FB Asset Management we specialize in creating both general and personalized investment products, while striving to ensure absolute return on invested funds, regardless of market conditions.

Our services:

  • stock investing (via own funds)
  • professional fund management
  • creation of new funds

Based on trust and scientific approach


In all our investments without exception we use our own capital along with the raised one. Our strategies and operating principles are transparent and easy to understand.

Scientific approach

Our strategies are mathematically precise and exploit market inefficiencies. These mathematical models allow processing millions of operations in a fraction of second as well as calculating strategies and manage risks with a given probability.


The goal of every stock strategy is to offer the investor a higher yield compared with bank deposits at moderate risk, regardless of movement of traditional markets. Our active stock strategies demonstrated a yield of 8-17% per annum.

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