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Times change, and anyone who wants to succeed in the future must move with the times. Welcome to FB Asset Management AS, a modern fund and asset management company.


The history of the management company

FB Asset Management AS was established in 2013. The intellectual management of the company’s funds has become a new direction and an integral part of the investment company Oiliken, which has been operating since 1995 and during that time has created a number of successful projects.

Our funds use investment methods that allow us to stay above the market in the long run. The purpose of investment decisions is to obtain a stable income for the investor over a long period of time.

In all our investments without exception we use our own capital along with the raised one.

Our services

FB Asset Management AS specializes in creating both general and individual investment products, while striving to ensure absolute return on invested funds, regardless of market conditions.

We offer our customers:

  • stock investing (through own funds)
  • professional fund management
  • creation of new funds

Adding our funds to the investment portfolio provides better diversification than traditional investment methods.

Investment philosophy

  • We always act solely in accordance with the best interests of our customers – reliably and steadily;
  • We provide comprehensive, forward-looking solutions aimed at stable long-term success, avoiding unpredictable risks;
  • We use our understanding of finance to find investment opportunities for our customers in different market situations;
  • We model our financial strategies to monitor and manage risks;
  • We avoid risks that could damage our reputation or reputation of our customers. This applies both to the company as a whole and to each of our employees;
  • We build trust to lasts for generations;
  • Our activities are regulated and monitored by European legislation that provides our customers with appropriate safety and security standards.


The use of structured products, complex derivative instruments helps to balance the volatility in the investment portfolio.


We adhere to the highest standards of ethical behaviour and responsibility in everything we do. We put our customers’ interests at the forefront and invest majority of our assets along with customers’ assets. We provide products and services that help our customers build a better financial future.

Why invest with us

  • We invest our money on the same terms with money of our customers.
  • We constantly and actively manage your investments.
  • Our strategies and operating principles are transparent and easy to understand.
  • We maintain a high level of control to protect your assets and preserve any confidential information.
  • The number of our customers and the amount of assets under our management grows every year.
  • Our long-term customer relationships are based on trust.
  • We offer a high level of service, while constantly evolving and adapting to new challenges – you may expect us to be perfect in everything.
  • We are passionate about efficiency. We enjoy our work and focus on stability and efficiency of innovation.
  • Our goal is to get alpha return on invested capital.
  • We are innovators. We are proud of our innovation history. The history of introducing innovative and proven strategies in our business is the basis of our success.